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Additional automotive services

Our prices are fair and affordable! Brake inspections are $52.50. A pre-purchase inspection is $105, while general A/C Service is $52.50. Check Charging System (Battery Alternator & Starter) is $31.50. Check Cooling System (radiator, hoses) is $52.50. Visit us today!

If you have questions, just give us a call

Some services do not have a set price as vehicles are in varying conditions. Call for prices on tune-ups and transmission services!

See our wide array of coupons below:

We offer coupons for smog check inspections at $59.95 (2000yr & higher), $64.95 (1999yr & older), free scans for fault codes (1996 & newer), free brake inspections with Lube Oil Filter service as well as $112 for California state brake and lamp inspections!

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